How to use the shortlinker

The first thing you're going to need is an account and to login to this link.

The second thing you'll need is a destination link. Here's what you'll need to do with it:

  • Add a useful title that describes what your shortlink will do. Like “Twitter redirect to video.”
  • Redirection (307 (Temporary) ) – Leave this alone
  • Target URL: Paste your destination link into this field
  • Pretty Link: You can leave this random code as is or customize it. This must be unique and not match any previous links. This is your new short link. You can click the clipboard icon to automatically copy it to your computer's clipboard.
  • Notes: Optional, leave a note if you like to explain what this link does.
  • ON THE RIGHT: Use these to organize our links neatly. Technically optional but please do it 😀
    • Link Tags: Specific use, like “Twitter”, “Volunteers”, or “email”. Click on “Choose from” to see examples and choose an existing tag.
    • Link Categories: A more general category for the shortlink, like “Admin” “Redirect” or “Referral”. Choose a checkbox OR add a new one.
  • Click the blue “UPDATE” button to save your shortlink. It will now work and you can share it.

NOTE: We use “meta data tag” to track clicks on shortlinks. So if you create a link and share it, add this on the end “?ref=<where link was posted code>”
For example if you created to redirect to our main website, and posted it on social media, you'd use these format:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Newsletter:

You get the idea. These allow us to see exactly where the traffic is coming from to the link. ? means “whats happening” after the link. “ref” is short for “referrer” (meaning which website did the link lead from) and the “=XX” is the code which tells us the answer.

Click on “Pretty Links” in the left black column to see a list of all links and search existing links.